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Today 26.03.2017

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soradiantxx | 31.08.2013 | 18:39 | #132
    I came across one of your dresses on TSR. After viewing your profile it led me to your beautifully designed website. I wish I could put into words how stunning your dresses are. After downloading all of your wedding dresses on TSR, I went into my launcher and deleted every other custom content dress I had ever found before. I'll never need another. Yours are delicately designed and amazing quality. Thank you SOO much!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! Thank you so much for nice comment! :-)

eskie227 | 15.08.2013 | 02:08 | #131
    Provocation is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :)

tiffany | 14.08.2013 | 20:22 | #130
    u make the best wedding dress for the sims 3 i ever seen am so glad i found your site <3 i hope one day you make the twilight wedding dress that would be so cool

    BEO answered:Thank you for commenting! :)
    Do you mean Bella's dress? Someone has already done it, but I do not remember where I have seen it.

franfreg | 12.08.2013 | 17:05 | #129
    Your creations are beautiful; thank you so much for sharing! <3

    BEO answered:You are welcome! Thank you for commenting! :)

Toomuch32 | 12.08.2013 | 15:59 | #128
    First off, I absolutely love your designs! You have really made it more fun planning weddings in the game. Please tell me you are making dress 17 without the lace top. I love that silhouette. It's so sexy!

    BEO answered:Thank you for the comment! ;)

Auuwrore | 11.08.2013 | 20:33 | #127
    Hi Beo! Your site is so cool and your creations are wonderful! Good job!

    BEO answered:Hi, Auuwrore! Thank you! :)

Cleophee | 10.08.2013 | 15:27 | #126
    Hi Beo ! Thank you for your amazing creation
    I think i've an idea for your dress number 17. I think it will be beautiful with long sleeves... It's just my point of view ^^ anyway, your work is wonderful

    BEO answered:Hi, Cleophee! Thank you for the comment! :)

Ericajune1 | 10.08.2013 | 09:47 | #125
    Great dresses! But my computer wont let me download them! (I have windows 8)... Know anyway how to?

    BEO answered:Do you acted on the instructions ?
    If the problem persists after that, please give details of the problem on the email

simshare | 09.08.2013 | 19:58 | #124
    Your site is incredible, I've downloaded everything on it and it looks amazing in game! Don't stop doing what you're doing

    BEO answered:Thank you so much! :)

Vixteria | 08.08.2013 | 15:21 | #123
    Thank you very very much for this dresses, since I discovered your site, I've been uninstalling all my old formal gowns for brides, because very few can match your quality.
    I'm specially happy about BRIDE 9, that dress is the closest thing anyone has ever done to my RL wedding dress, the Rosa Clar&#225; Erudito dress(great designer by the way, might find dome inspiration)and finally my selfsim can have something proper to wear.
    I do hope you keep on working on this lovely designs for a very long time, this kind of content is what makes us players without the ability to mod happy cc hoarders!
    Thanks again!

    BEO answered:Thank you for your nice comment! :)

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