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Today 08.07.2020

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Lucia | 19.06.2020 | 21:28 | #612
    I can't believe I'm just finding your page. I used to love your Sims 3 dresses. I am so excited to see what you've done for Sims 4. Yay!

    BEO answered:Enjoy! :D

AuntyDagDag | 24.05.2020 | 04:39 | #611
    Seriously beautiful work if you ever want to change it up I would love to see your skills applied to 19th century dresses. We are seriously lacking clothing for the historical challenges!

    BEO answered:I'm not sure that I will create historical costumes, but thank you for the idea. :)

Haruka | 02.05.2020 | 23:20 | #610
    I've been trying to find the perfect wedding dresses for my Sims since forever and you literally made the style come true. Thank you so much for all the wonderful dresses. <3

    BEO answered:You are welcome! ^^

belle | 30.04.2020 | 10:08 | #609
    Your dresses are my absolute favorites. I definitely have more of your creations than any other creator! Thank you so much for your incredible work :)

    BEO answered:Thank you! ^^
    And you are welcome! ❤

Noortje | 13.04.2020 | 11:22 | #608
    Thank you so much for your incredible cc!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! ❤

bloxburg | 09.04.2020 | 20:27 | #607
    thanks for your creations. maybe specify what game its for because i got mixed up between whether one of your veils were for sims 3 or sims 4 and it didn't say, i realized it was for sims 3,, sadly

    BEO answered:Example name for Sims 4 - BEO_wedding_veil_01_s4.package
    Please note there is "_s4" at the end.

Sevinc | 15.02.2020 | 22:03 | #606
    Hello, thank you so much for Sim 4 creations.. i`m happy you make new Dresses for us.. Thank you so much for sharing.. I hope you make more conversions from SL to Sims4 :) i love and admire your creations for many years.. Best wishes and hugs :)

    BEO answered:Hello, that's wonderful to hear! I'll try. :)
    Thank you! ❤

Carol | 31.01.2020 | 23:54 | #605
    Thanks for you latest creation it is beautiful we missed you.


    BEO answered:You are welcome! ❤

| 27.12.2019 | 01:21 | #604
    I love your creations, but do you plan on bringing out more? because you haven't publish anything new in a looong time?

    BEO answered:Yes! :D

roxxyando | 28.10.2019 | 03:00 | #603
    I have foillowed you and downloaed your work for many years, no one does a better gown than you!!! i love ur work, thank you for every piece from sims 3 to sims 4, you are a true treasure, Sherri or Roxxyando

    BEO answered:Hi Sherry! I remember our communication began on TSR and continued here. Good to see you again.^^
    Many thanks!!! ❤❤❤

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