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Today 26.03.2017

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Maddie | 25.03.2017 | 05:45 | #542
    I love your creations so much! I was wondering if you were planning on making Belle's new yellow gown, since you made the new Cinderella one. Keep up the amazing work!!

Kassandra | 24.03.2017 | 17:50 | #541
    Hello BEO, I have been wanting to download your wedding bouquets for my Sims 4 but they won't show up in my list of cc on my main menu or in my game. i put it in my mods folder like every other cc but it just doesn't work, when i click download pops up and this thing comes up telling me my Chrome needs updating and than the file is downloading on my bottom left corner. But i don't need my chrome updated; am i possibly downloading it wrong? Thanks so much!- Kassandra

Flocon | 18.03.2017 | 22:23 | #540
    Could you create the Twilight wedding dress please ?
    Your work is awesome !!!

Shellshok | 11.03.2017 | 17:07 | #539
    Thank you so much! Your designs are fabulous! I would really love the African hair with curls that is awesome. Thanks again!

Suzanne Boleyn | 15.02.2017 | 20:24 | #538
    Oh god, I love your creations sooo much!! They are simply perfect. You have everything I can imagine - thank you for everything!

inging | 26.01.2017 | 19:19 | #537
    hi, i wanna hold a wedding for my sim's (triplets gonna on wedding.. )
    and i would like to have your clothes and accessories to be use at the wedding
    problem that i can't downlaod "lace earring" that you forward me to the other site: 3.html

    if you have another website where i could install them, that would be great

    thank you very much and keep creative and keep sim

indayani31 | 26.01.2017 | 19:19 | #536
    hi i love your creation to the max
    specially your wedding clothes concept, they're gorgeous, i really thank you for making all of them

    keep making and keep sim , i always waiting for your new design

natsuannie | 29.12.2016 | 21:39 | #535
    Could I please get the cas wallpaper you're using? the cream floral one? It's so pretty! <3

    BEO answered:This is not a CAS wallpaper. I put the background in Photoshop using this picture

Vixoniac | 11.12.2016 | 17:09 | #534
    Hey! I simply love your sims 3 designs, although, you Romantic Veil /w crown and flower circlet doesnt show with the hat slider, any idea why?

    BEO answered:Hey!
    Crown and flower circlet are a separate accessories.
    Crown by S-club.
    Flower circlet by me. You can find it here

KG | 14.11.2016 | 01:31 | #533
    Hi, I love you work.

    Your EKATERINA 2 (NOT TRANSPARENT) dress seems to have shoe issues. There is shading or something. Happens with both ea and custom shoes. Hope you understand what i mean. Love those dresses and would love to use them.
    Thank you

    BEO answered:Hi! Thank you :)

    I don't understand. Can you send screenshot?

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