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About site

Site began its existence in April 2013, but many of you are familiar with my creations, which were published within two years on the site TSR.

Here you can find additional content for the game The Sims 3 and The Sims 4: clothing, accessories and other objects.

Enjoy and Happy Simming!

About conditions (TOU - Terms of use)

All materials on this site are the result of my work. Please respect the work of others and do not violate copyright!

Do not re-upload files to any other website or forum. If you want to post my creations to other site, indicate for download direct link on the page with content.

Do not claim creations as yours.


- Allow clone or modify meshes and textures for The Sims 3. Necessarily specify in the description that the basis for your creation is my creation and a link to the source.

- Do not convert for Sims 4.


- Allow Recolours/Retextures for The Sims 4 as standalone. NOT include my mesh, give link back to the mesh upload.

- Forbidden to use my texture/mesh or a part of my texture/mesh to other Sims creations.

- Do not convert for Sims 3.

About donation download

Some creations which you can see on the site are available for donation downloads. These creations are sponsored and created specially commissioned. So patrons determine the conditions of publication of these creations. Not AdFly advertising for donation downloads.