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Today 06.06.2023

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Neenornina | 15.05.2013 | 01:12 | #13
    Really stunning work! I wish you all the best with your new site and look forward to visiting regularly ! You are my favourite gown and accessory creator xx

    BEO answered:Thank you so much! :)

matomibotaki | 15.05.2013 | 00:29 | #12
    Your creations are superb!!! Really love them all!!! Wonderful and perfect made!!! Thanks a lot!!!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! Thank you for heartwarming comments! :)

Big thanks | 15.05.2013 | 00:27 | #11
    Love your creations!!! Wonderful and perfect made!!!

Crysta11ove | 14.05.2013 | 23:56 | #10
    I am so happy to see you have your own site! and excited! I can't wait to see what wonderful things you have in store for us, you are such a talented creator!

    BEO answered:Thank you for kind words! :)

applecakes | 14.05.2013 | 23:08 | #9
    Hi I just found you site and I am in love you do great work the diamond teira you made is exquisite.I would love to see what you could do with wedding rings my Sim wants a big o'l rock

    BEO answered:Thank you for your commenting! Don't even know, if I can please your Sims rings by me. :)))

funkyfairy | 14.05.2013 | 21:21 | #8

    I love your site, the design is brilliant and easy to use.
    And your creation is lovely, I love love love your flower wreath, I can't wait to put it on my fairies' hair in game.
    But I also wonder whether it's compatible with Hat Slider ( If it does, you should put it in the description. Because the hat slider is very convenient to re-size the accesories to fit the hair/head of the sim.
    Thank you very much.

    BEO answered:Thanks for your kind words! And also thank you for the advice. I've updated the circlet of flowers, it's compatible with Hat Slider now. ;)

Hedwig | 14.05.2013 | 18:20 | #7
    Hey there, thank you for the wedding dress&the circlet of flowers! unluckily I just had a sims fairy wedding in my legacy but I'll use it for the next one ;) and I'll link back here of course!

    BEO answered:Thank you for commenting! Necessarily come back! ;)

KizStorms | 14.05.2013 | 17:56 | #6
    Hi BEO,
    I just found this site and I can't be more excited. I spend a lot of my time playing Sims and the things you create make game play that much more worth it.
    Thanks for the pretties! :)

    BEO answered:You are welcome! I am glad to try :)

Alladine | 14.05.2013 | 15:17 | #5
    Beautifull wedding dresses and accesorries. I love it. My Sims too :) Sorry my english - i translate with google. Kisses and thanks :)

    BEO answered:Thank you for the comment! :)
    My English is also far from perfect. :-)

Arwa | 08.05.2013 | 14:39 | #4
    Extremely nice and beautiful wedding dress and tiara, my girls will now have the perfect wedding of my dreams ... many thanks

    BEO answered:You are welcome! Thank you for the comment! :)

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