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Suge | 19.10.2022 | 04:35 | #635
    I've downloaded your dresses since I was at least 14 and I'm 23 now. I love your work thank you

    BEO answered:It's so nice to hear. Thank you! <3

Lily | 02.02.2022 | 04:06 | #634
    OMG thank you so so much Julianna, the cc finally works in my game. You are a lifesaver

    BEO answered:I'm glad the problem has been resolved. :)

Julianna | 25.01.2022 | 12:37 | #633
    If anyone is having problems with cc appearing in their game, please make sure to extract it from the rar file using an extractor.

    BEO answered:Thanks for your reply. :)

Lily | 18.01.2022 | 00:16 | #632
    Hi! I'm having problems with your cc appearing in game :( I feel like I've tried everything to try to get it to work, but it just doesn't show up. (I've tried just having your cc in my mods file too, but it still doesn't work) Any ideas about what I should do?I really like your work and would love to have it in my game.

Juliannasayshush | 03.01.2022 | 22:03 | #631
    I always check up on your flickr page because, my gosh. The wedding dresses on there are so cute. Especially the strapless ones like the Margo and Stella ones, of course, Aurora is amazing as well.

    BEO answered:Thank you! <3

Dovegamer0 | 03.01.2022 | 03:21 | #630
    These dresses and accessories are really please keep making them

    BEO answered:Thanks! I'll try. :-)

Burinis | 12.09.2021 | 22:45 | #629
    Hey! Do you have a Sims-cloud profile? I just saw that some of your works were published on this file hosting service. I wanted to register there to upload some files, but I can't. If you believe the Web Archive site, there was a registration earlier, but now it is gone. What do i do? If it is possible to send me an invite, can you send it, please?

    Forgive me for duplicating the previously sent message to you, I just sealed myself at the end.

    BEO answered:Hey! Registration is currently closed. Perhaps, registration will be available to content creators by invitation in the future.

Jane | 17.08.2021 | 20:16 | #628
    Hi just wanted to say thank you for making all of these beautiful dresses over the years. My sims have always looked stunning in them. I've always loved how detailed your designs are.

    BEO answered:You are welcome! <3

Deniz Gökçe | 10.07.2021 | 15:37 | #627
    Harikas&#305;n! Tasarlad&#305;&#287;&#305;n gelinlikler zarif ve asil te&#351;ekk&#252;r ederim.Ellerine sa&#287;l&#305;k

    BEO answered:Thank you! <3

MsCocoXTC | 01.05.2021 | 21:32 | #626
    I am sending a donation as a thank you. You are the Vera Wang of IMVU.

    BEO answered:Hello! I'm sorry to disappoint you, but this free content is not intended for IMVU. My creations for the Sims 3 and 4 games, and I also create for Second Life. And I don't allow my meshes and textures to be used for other purposes, my content is copyrighted.
    I think I should return your donation to you, because you were counting on something completely different. In any case, thank you for your interest in my creations and your kind feedback, that's wonderful to hear! ❤

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