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Today 14.06.2024

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Dante | 29.03.2014 | 22:57 | #235
    Help me Beo I've installed the dress and tail but I can't find the tail.Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeee

    BEO answered:I forgot to specify. Tail type clothing: rings. Need installed addition "World Adventures".

Morgana | 29.03.2014 | 03:22 | #234

    Omggggg Beo how do you keep doing this to me!? IT'S SO PERFECT. I JUST CAN'T HANDLE THIS RIGHT NOW.


    BEO answered: :-)

Dante | 28.03.2014 | 23:58 | #233
    Thanx for the dress.It's the beautifulest dress I've ever seen but I can't download it please help meeeeeeeeee

    BEO answered:I corrected the error, now everything is working, you can download. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    I'm glad you liked my version of Elsa. :)

CorruptedBride | 28.03.2014 | 18:40 | #232
    Hi there
    Just wanted to let you know I completely love your creations and I've featured your site on my blog. You can find it here:

    Please let me know what you think, if you're not happy with something I've put please just let me know.

    BEO answered:Everything is fine. Thank you, I'm very pleased.
    Your blog is very useful and I liked its design. :)

I adore your work! | 27.03.2014 | 04:49 | #231
    Hello, I adore your work and wonder how you do such amazing creations! Could you think about making a tutorial video and upload the progrrammes you use?

    BEO answered:Hello! This is a complex question. Of course, I thought, but quite difficult to make lessons and requires long time. Therefore, I can not promise anything.
    But I can say that I started to learn from these lessons
    Workshop and Photoshop is the main programs for creating. Additionally I use a program Milkshape 3d, 3d max, MeshToolKit.

tefcouun99 | 25.03.2014 | 12:48 | #230
    Love the veils and the wedding dresses. Very unique

    BEO answered:Thank you! :)

Dante | 24.03.2014 | 21:33 | #229
    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx a lot

    BEO answered::)

angelomariano | 24.03.2014 | 15:11 | #228
    i hope you can create also the cape/robe of elsa as accessory or what you do you is good . :)

    BEO answered::)

angelomariano | 24.03.2014 | 15:10 | #227
    what a coincidence :) im planning to add feedback here to request a ELSA of Frozen Dress ! and im happy your already creating it :)I LVE YOUR CREATIONS

    BEO answered:;)))

Dante | 23.03.2014 | 23:45 | #226
    Can you make Elsa's(Frozen) Dress?????? It's veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyy beautiful

    BEO answered:What a coincidence! I'm already creating Elsa's dress for almost a week. ;)
    It will not be an exact copy, but I try to make it most similar to the Elsa's dress. Coming soon!

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