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Today 25.05.2024

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justme | 16.07.2015 | 04:19 | #415
    hiii. . i just know ur blog but i absolutely love it!!
    i'm gonna wait for ur next creation.
    soo r u gonna work on sims 3 or just focus on sims4?

    BEO answered:Hi! Thank you! :)
    I think I'll do something for The Sims 3, although in smaller quantities than before.

BEO | 15.07.2015 | 16:38 | #414
    Recent feedback lost due to a technical problem. I'm sorry.

Knifkey | 13.07.2015 | 22:54 | #413
    i love elsa dress pls conversion for the sims4 i love you beocreations

    BEO answered:Thank you! :)
    Maybe. Can't promise.

Jennifer | 12.07.2015 | 23:51 | #412
    I just wanted to say that you have amazing talent! Your wedding dresses are beyond beautiful! I really loved the Elsa and Anna dresses too!. But I wanted to know also if you take request? If not its ok no biggie. Please keep up the wonderful work and than you for all your hard work.

    BEO answered:Thank you!!! :)
    Now I do not take orders.

Nanna | 12.07.2015 | 03:18 | #411
    I really love all your dresses, thank you for always making my sims wedding absolutely beautiful!
    I have a little request though, could you maybe make a ballet dress?

    BEO answered:Thank you! :)
    Probably not. It depends of inspiration.

Tabbymic | 06.07.2015 | 22:15 | #410
    You create such exquisite custom content. I can not explain how your creations have contributed to the richness of my gameplay. Thank you so much.

    BEO answered:I'm very glad! You are welcome! :)

ML101 | 06.07.2015 | 01:59 | #409
    You make such lovely things. I hope that you continue to make more for Sims4 and beyond.

    BEO answered:Thank you! I'll try :)

laurenf98 | 24.06.2015 | 20:43 | #408
    Hi BEO, love your creations!

    Just thought I'd let you know that I sent you an email with a TS3 cc request 4 days ago, and I'm not sure if you've seen it... I'd really appreciate a reply (It includes pictures, which is why I sent you an email instead posting it here)

    BEO answered:Hi Lauren! Thank you! :)
    I replied.

garfunkel | 20.06.2015 | 23:34 | #407
    Hello. I love your clothing; it is all so beautiful and lovely! I was wondering if you were ever planning to convert your "Stylization Rococo II" dress from The Sims 3 to The Sims 4. Have a lovely day!

    BEO answered:Hello! Thank you! :)
    I don't know. May be.

Muzic342 | 15.06.2015 | 06:00 | #406
    I just wanted to say I am absolutely IN-LOOOOVE with your creations. I can say without a doubt you are the top creator on my list. I would love it if you could convert the wedding veil you created from ts3 to ts4. I would be in heaven if you did!! Keep up the good work Beo!!

    BEO answered:Thank you!!!
    Maybe, I will try :)

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