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Today 06.06.2023

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HeavensFallenPhoenix | 10.08.2016 | 23:34 | #523
    Hi! I love your creations! I tried to follow a link for Salem's brunette hair from your "COCKTAIL DRESS 01" page, and it says it isn't available. I thought you'd like to know in case you wanted to put a note by the link or something. :) Thank you for your downloads! :)

    BEO answered:Hi! Thank you for the info :)
    But I have not found this link. Can you give a link to this page?

Just Random Girl | 08.08.2016 | 23:53 | #522
    Hey , how can I install mesh? I mean I can't find it , I download the dress but it doesnt exist in my game Thank You

    BEO answered:Hi! Do you extracted the file from .rar archive?

buba | 04.08.2016 | 21:21 | #521
    can you please convert your brows to ts3?

    BEO answered:Sorry, no.

girly | 03.08.2016 | 20:33 | #520
    hey. you tell everbody, who is wondering why you don't do stuff for us ts3 simmers that you don't have no inspiration for Sims 3. it's more ieasier than you think...convert it! we need new stuff, too

    BEO answered:I can not agree, it's not easier. I spend the time to create for Sims 4 is two times less than for the Sims 3. The Sims 4 loads quickly and runs fast. I'm too hard to have time to create for the two games, I had to make a choice.

Sasa | 03.08.2016 | 20:29 | #519
    hi! i see you have converted so many from ts3 to ts4. so it would be nice if you can convert your new stuff to ts3. like your brows ;)

    BEO answered:Sorry, I deleted Sims 3 from the computer.

clothes | 30.07.2016 | 23:24 | #518
    I love everything that you make for sims 3 and 4, just out of curiosity, will you be making the blue Cinderella dress for sims 3?

    BEO answered:Sorry, I deleted Sims 3 from the computer.

Ilutar | 23.07.2016 | 23:22 | #517
    Hi, Just wanted to say that I love all your creations! Thank you for these amazing outfits you create, keep it up

    BEO answered:Hi! Thank you! :) And you are welcome :D

bridelover | 20.07.2016 | 14:59 | #516
    Yes.original.the latest version is installed.This problem is giving every outfit on your site.

    BEO answered:I'm sorry, I do not know. Try to search in the internet the information about similar problem.

James | 10.07.2016 | 20:59 | #515
    Can you convert the Rococo pieces and wig to TS4?

    BEO answered:I don't know, can't promise.

Mirella Sims | 10.07.2016 | 04:07 | #514
    Where do you get your skin for the sims 3? leaves the link?

    BEO answered: (brunette and red).
    I do not remember about skintone for blondes.

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