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Today 21.10.2018

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lUNDY@1231 | 30.05.2013 | 00:13 | #37
    Great Job!!!!!!!

    BEO answered:Thank you!!! :)

Berryique | 29.05.2013 | 22:53 | #36
    I love all your weddings dress just what I've been looking for you are amazing and I hope you keep it up even though sims 4 is coming out next year.

    BEO answered:Thank you for the comment! :)
    Sims 4? Well, wait and see. ;))

svitlans | 29.05.2013 | 21:15 | #35
    Здравствуйте, BEO!
    Очередное Ваше творение чудесно! Фата-вуаль, вообще, мечта моих симочек! Огромнейшее спасибо! Вы не перестаете удивлять и радовать, Ваши творения уже прекрасны, что будет еще, как Вы сказали "В любом случае я стараюсь и надеюсь, что у меня будет получаться от раза к разу все лучше". Ждем (мои симочки и я ) Вашего нового оригинального шедевра, успехов Вам в его создании!

    BEO answered:Благодарю, Svitlans! Я и сама довольна этим сетом, получилось так как и задумывалось. Очень рада, что Вам тоже понравилось. :)

Crysta11ove | 29.05.2013 | 19:33 | #34
    EXCELLENT JOB! on your newest creations they are stunning

    BEO answered:Thank you for the comment! I'm pleased! :)

Jennifer Q. | 29.05.2013 | 15:43 | #33
    Your website is absolutely gorgeous. The simplicity in the design is perfection along with your creations. I definitely hope to donate soon to encourage you more with your creations! Good luck and my deepest thanks <3

    BEO answered:Thank you! It is a pleasure to read such words. :)

francescaroy | 29.05.2013 | 11:58 | #32
    Words cannot express how happy you are making me! I've been waiting for you for so long! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! I'm glad to be helpful! :)

Roxxyando | 28.05.2013 | 09:37 | #31
    Everything you have made is so Beautiful!!! I am so happy and grateful for the long stunning veil, and to top it you made it so it can be worn together, I will get the slider if I can find who makes it. You work is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing, we have similar taste LOL. Good Luck, and I wish you continued success.

    BEO answered:Thank you so much! :)

romagi | 26.05.2013 | 07:46 | #30
    Your site AND creations are beautiful! Thank You!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :)

Schokobiene | 26.05.2013 | 05:19 | #29
    Your creations are so perfectly beautyful.... I hope to see more next time!

    BEO answered:Thank you! So it will be! ;)

alexathan | 25.05.2013 | 23:59 | #28
    your creations are perfect and so beautiful. i always wanted a tiara that was full of details and i finally found it in your site. i dont know how to thank u

    BEO answered:Thank you for the comment! Enjoy! :)

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