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Today 19.08.2017

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sassy2 | 04.08.2013 | 02:12 | #120
    Your designs are beautiful!! Thank you so much!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! Thank you for the comment! :)

DudaGouveia | 03.08.2013 | 18:39 | #119
    everything here is amazing! especially the bride dresses, thank you for sharing

    BEO answered:You are welcome! Thank you for the comment! :)

Nis | 03.08.2013 | 06:34 | #118
    Holy Plumbob,the lace top that you just add to Bride 16 is just so darling <3<3<3. Would you consider to do it with Bride 15 too? Hug&Kiss

    BEO answered:I did it! ;)

jenny0786 | 31.07.2013 | 18:44 | #117
    Beo your dresses are just AMAZING

    You are so very talented. I have some of your dresses in my game. I wish I could create cc like this.

    I was wondering, where did you find the shoes that your models are wearing with your newest dress Bride 16?? They are stunning and go with the dress nicely.

    BEO answered:Thank you for kind words! :) I added a link to shoes on page with creation.

Anisa | 31.07.2013 | 10:38 | #116

    Everything here are gorgeous. I love the newest dress of yours, I enjoy the blossom bottom the most, it is magnificent. However, would you please consider to make more top varieties for it, like the elegant lace neckline of bride 14, or the lace bow back of bride 13, or the lovely sweetheart neckline of bride 10. It would fit many more styles with great versatility ^^

    BEO answered:Thank you for the comment! :) I'll think about it.

Marine | 27.07.2013 | 15:14 | #115
    Hi, Beo !

    I was the first here to leave a comment, 12 pages ago, and now I'm always using your creations...
    I don't regret visiting your site, 4 months ago ! I've ever said your job was great, but you earn I say it again !

    Keep working, it's so cool !!

    BEO answered:Hi, Marine! I remember your comment. :)
    Thank you for you staying loyal user of the site. I'm very glad of it. And of course, thanks for your fine words!

bettyjane | 26.07.2013 | 01:06 | #114
    I used to think that downloading wedding gowns wasn't worth it (my sims won't be wearing them all that often and I have to keep my cc-lust in check xP) but after seeing your work I changed my mind. The dresses are so elegant and well made, and you have nice variation in styles.

    Also, on a side note, I like your web design. *thumbs up* It's simple, pretty, and easy to navigate.

    BEO answered:Thank you for the nice comment! Marry off your sims often. :))

Veria | 24.07.2013 | 19:01 | #113
    Wow everything is amazing and very beautiful wedding dresses. Thank you BEO

    BEO answered:You are welcome! Thank you for the comment! :)

irolag | 23.07.2013 | 18:53 | #112
    Thanks BEO! I especially appreciated the tutorial for picture taking

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :)

blackrose538 | 22.07.2013 | 16:57 | #111
    Very nice website, BEO!
    I really love your wedding gown collection, downloaded a lot of them on TSR and found the link to your homepage there. I just had come and join, I really like your creations

    Keep up the good work!

    BEO answered:Thank you for your comment! :)

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