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Today 25.10.2021

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angelomariano | 08.04.2014 | 05:34 | #240
    YOU ARE SO AMAZING, Ive been waiting for your elsa's dress :)) and finally you made it ! GOD BLESS YOU ! MORE CREATIONS TO COME ! YOU ARE SO GREAAAAT :) :)

    BEO answered:Thank you :))))))

Crysta11ove | 06.04.2014 | 20:26 | #239
    I agree with skpamd your dresses would be so lovely for teens, the adults have such gorgeous wardrobes and our teens are left out :(

    BEO answered:I'll think about it. But can not promise anything.

skpamd | 05.04.2014 | 21:51 | #238
    BEO you are amazing your new Frozen dress is just breath taking in the game. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone and your hard work. (LOL wish you would convert all your dresses to work for teen female as well and make some nice tux's for the guys.)

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :)
    I'll think about it. But can not promise anything.

Crysta11ove | 04.04.2014 | 00:40 | #237
    oh my! your Elsa dress is phenomenal! i was hoping someone would make one..I should have known you would, its just stunning thank you so much!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! I'm glad you like! :)

nattienature | 02.04.2014 | 21:50 | #236
    hello BEO, as far as i searched in the net , you are the most noble and creative person in this world, you dont ask for any payment wich is the opposite for the other creators, but you only look for free ways like shortening urls at fly, you are so awesome, your creations marked my sims wedding, thank you for everything, we love you <3

    BEO answered:Thank you! :) But some creations nevertheless are donation download.

Dante | 29.03.2014 | 22:57 | #235
    Help me Beo I've installed the dress and tail but I can't find the tail.Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeee

    BEO answered:I forgot to specify. Tail type clothing: rings. Need installed addition "World Adventures".

Morgana | 29.03.2014 | 03:22 | #234

    Omggggg Beo how do you keep doing this to me!? IT'S SO PERFECT. I JUST CAN'T HANDLE THIS RIGHT NOW.


    BEO answered: :-)

Dante | 28.03.2014 | 23:58 | #233
    Thanx for the dress.It's the beautifulest dress I've ever seen but I can't download it please help meeeeeeeeee

    BEO answered:I corrected the error, now everything is working, you can download. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    I'm glad you liked my version of Elsa. :)

CorruptedBride | 28.03.2014 | 18:40 | #232
    Hi there
    Just wanted to let you know I completely love your creations and I've featured your site on my blog. You can find it here:

    Please let me know what you think, if you're not happy with something I've put please just let me know.

    BEO answered:Everything is fine. Thank you, I'm very pleased.
    Your blog is very useful and I liked its design. :)

I adore your work! | 27.03.2014 | 04:49 | #231
    Hello, I adore your work and wonder how you do such amazing creations! Could you think about making a tutorial video and upload the progrrammes you use?

    BEO answered:Hello! This is a complex question. Of course, I thought, but quite difficult to make lessons and requires long time. Therefore, I can not promise anything.
    But I can say that I started to learn from these lessons
    Workshop and Photoshop is the main programs for creating. Additionally I use a program Milkshape 3d, 3d max, MeshToolKit.

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