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Today 29.01.2022

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RedMallie | 21.05.2014 | 03:29 | #276
    Dear BEO,

    Your designs are fabulous!!! Thank you for sharing them.
    I enjoy each one of them immensely.
    I have one question, please. I forgot my password and was sent a random one to be able to log in. I want to change that random password to smoething I (hopefully) will remember better.
    Can you please tell me where I can change my password? I cannot find that option.
    Thank you,

    BEO answered:Unfortunately this option is unavailable. If you want I'll delete your account and you will be able to register again. Contact me by email

:) | 19.05.2014 | 19:01 | #275
    wonderful wedding dress:)
    Thank you:)

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :)

ResetSims | 19.05.2014 | 17:44 | #274
    Thank you!! Your Elsa dress is just AMAZING and everything else here too!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :)

amyhall012514 | 17.05.2014 | 20:08 | #273
    Hi beo my other id quit working (amy060384). Thanks for responding and I am very sad to hear that you don't do requests. Keep up all the awesome work though. I hope maybe one day you will work on requests.

    BEO answered:I take requests if it is sponsored. :)

asimsh | 17.05.2014 | 17:32 | #272
    could I download stuff hear with no donation

Berryique | 17.05.2014 | 14:27 | #271
    I was wondering If you could possible make bella's wedding dress from twilight along with her ring and hair clip. Please and Thank you

    BEO answered:lmway created this dress and ring (see it on the TSR).
    I do not take orders, except when it is sponsored.

Berryique | 17.05.2014 | 14:20 | #270
    I was wondering what's your policy your creation being converted to ts2.

    Many Thanks and I love your creations

    BEO answered:You are welcome :)
    This is possible subject to conditions of the site

LuisFelipe | 17.05.2014 | 00:32 | #269

    BEO answered:Thank you!

Ladesire | 16.05.2014 | 20:30 | #268
    Dear Beo, your new dress is just fantastic! I love it! And have a little request...can you create this dress but only long, please? That would be great for my game!! Good luck and thank you for lovely creations

    BEO answered:This is part of my plans. ;)

reneepatterson | 11.05.2014 | 02:51 | #267
    I love your sight OMG... You are sooo talented and keep it up..
    PS: When is that "coming soon" part of the catalog not gonna be there because I've been on your sight faithfully really excited.

    BEO answered:Thank you :)

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