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Today 21.11.2018

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Ladesire | 16.05.2014 | 20:30 | #268
    Dear Beo, your new dress is just fantastic! I love it! And have a little request...can you create this dress but only long, please? That would be great for my game!! Good luck and thank you for lovely creations

    BEO answered:This is part of my plans. ;)

reneepatterson | 11.05.2014 | 02:51 | #267
    I love your sight OMG... You are sooo talented and keep it up..
    PS: When is that "coming soon" part of the catalog not gonna be there because I've been on your sight faithfully really excited.

    BEO answered:Thank you :)

kadir_ak123 | 10.05.2014 | 18:49 | #266
    Hello beo,you are perfect stylist in the sims 3.I love wedding dresses and I love your wedding dress :)I have a request for you please
    Can you share some more veils?I do not know how to do design but I really like.

    I wish you continued success,Waiting for the perfect wedding dress and veil IN TURKEY

    BEO answered:Thank you :)
    Only if there is inspiration.
    And I perform urgent orders only if they are sponsored. ;)

amirys_cst | 09.05.2014 | 05:42 | #265
    Oh how rude of me :X
    Thanks for all the lovely creations, spectacular to say the least! Keep up the good work.

    BEO answered:You are welcome :)

amirys_cst | 09.05.2014 | 05:40 | #264
    Hi BEO,
    What age brackets can wear this dresses?
    Can toddler, child and teen wear them?

    BEO answered:Hi amirys_cst,
    Only young adult - adult.

Dante | 08.05.2014 | 12:24 | #263
    Thanks for helping me

    BEO answered:You are welcome :) | 07.05.2014 | 19:38 | #262
    Beo I just love all your creations, they are so lovely in my game, I wanted to say thank you for all the time and effort that you put into your work.

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :) Thank you for the comment.

tangogirl0113 | 07.05.2014 | 06:32 | #261
    Beautiful creations

    BEO answered:Thanks :)

Dante | 06.05.2014 | 21:29 | #260
    Hi BEO I need your help again I can't find the poses that you used in these pictures:
    ht tp://
    Pliiiiiiiiiiiiiz help me

    BEO answered:Hi Dante, the second pose -
    The first pose is mine. I did not publish it because I had not thought that it will interest someone. I'll send it to you by email.

stephybabes92 | 06.05.2014 | 16:53 | #259
    Everything here is so beautiful! I gasp at every new dress, the accessories are also amazing. What a talent you have. A good idea could be to copy some of kate middleton's outfits, as she is such a style icon!

    BEO answered:Thank you for the comment :)

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