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Today 25.10.2021

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person | 23.08.2015 | 12:01 | #430
    The Chanel Pearl Bracelet download link ends at a file not found page.

    BEO answered:Thank you for the info! I'll fix.

theafricansim | 22.08.2015 | 21:03 | #429
    Hi! Thank you for creating such beautiful pieces. Just wanted to say, on the tiara page, the link to the 2nd hairstyle seems to be wrong, it links to the 1st. Also, although it says "free" all links lead to the 5 second ad, other pages have the same thing. Thank you anyway and have a nice day.

    BEO answered:Hi! Thank you! I'll check link.
    The word "free" means that the content is free for download. Not all content for Sims is free, for example, Peggy and Butterfly (they create a hair) make paid creations.

Ai Tapia | 20.08.2015 | 08:16 | #428
    It worked!! I'm so glad I can now download the tiara!! I didn't expect that you'd even notice and reply, but you did and you helped me step by step!! Thank you so much!! You're the BEST!!!!

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :))

Ai Tapia | 18.08.2015 | 13:29 | #427
    Hi, I have a question. I can't seem to download your stuff, and I have no idea why. I really really love your creations! Especially the tiaras. Please help

    BEO answered:Hi! Contact me by email
    Describe the problem in detail please

christy reyes | 15.08.2015 | 00:49 | #426
    Hi Beo,
    First of all you make such Exquisite cc. I just found your ring set, and this is what I have been looking for since playing Sims 3
    Thanks so much

    BEO answered:Hi Christy reyes, thank you!
    I'm glad to be useful ;) You are welcome! :)

luhlavigne | 13.08.2015 | 00:37 | #425
    I love your creations!!! thanks for share.
    please do more wedding dresses for TS4.

    BEO answered:You are welcome! :)
    Indeed, I pay little attention to the wedding theme lately. But certainly I'll create something, be patient ))

Sabry1984 | 08.08.2015 | 12:15 | #424
    your creations are gorgeous!!! please do your eyebrows for the sims 3 too, they are really great!!! have a nice day

    BEO answered:Thank you! :)
    Oh, no. I'm sorry, but only clothes/accessories for the sims 3

theafricansim | 07.08.2015 | 01:42 | #423
    I love your creations! Thank you so much for your work. I love your wedding creations, and would love if you also create some ethnic clothing - I featured the leopard print dress on my blog, Promise to spread the word if you do similar work! Thank you and bless you.

    BEO answered:Thank you! And you welcome! :))
    I never thought about what to do specifically ethnic content. But it's definitely very interesting idea. I'll think about it. :)

greengirl100 | 04.08.2015 | 08:18 | #422
    Oh my gosh, I only just found your wedding stuff. It is gorgeous!!!!!!!! Will you be converting some of the veils to TS4?

    BEO answered:Thank you!!! :)
    I'll try )

Danny B | 01.08.2015 | 08:01 | #421
    What is you policy on using you meshes for personal S4 projects? Do I just credit you? or it against your terms of service?

    BEO answered:I do not approve of this. You can do recolors/retextures, not including my mesh in your creation.

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