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Today 29.01.2022

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super fan | 08.06.2016 | 05:25 | #506
    thats sad, but ok. those dresses from that movie are pretty beautiful tho. And you are like the only person who is talented enough to do it :) And also it was not an order just an idea

    BEO answered:I do not know in advance what will inspire me. So... ;)

SatanSim | 05.06.2016 | 03:53 | #505
    Hey, first of all thank you so much for your beautiful creations. Also, I understand you work via inspiration and maybe you're more motivated to create for Sims 4 as it's fresh and you can create a lot. But, I am a Sims 3 player and have no interest into upgrading to Sims 4. I also believe that you should cater to your audience fairly, you state your main aim is to bring joy to us Simmers but yet you are now focusing on Sims 4 which isn't really fair. I'm not trying to come across as rude but I do love your creations and I would love some for Sims 3. I believe your Simmers should be your main focus as well as your motivation, or else we'll be left with nothing. Thank you xo

    BEO answered:Hi! Unfortunately, I have no inspiration for Sims 3.

Frubiee | 05.06.2016 | 03:49 | #504
    Hiya, can you please make more Sims 3 creations, especially the beautiful dresses x

    BEO answered:Hi! Unfortunately, I have no inspiration for Sims 3.

SusieRose | 04.06.2016 | 16:48 | #503
    Hi there. I really love your Cinderella butterfly gown for the sims there any way that you can also do it for the sims 3? I would be really greatful

    BEO answered:Hi! Most likely not. Sorry.

leiamoon | 03.06.2016 | 22:17 | #502
    Hi! I really love your dresses! I always check if you have a new (especially wedding) dress :)

    BEO answered:Hi! Thank you :)

Anon | 02.06.2016 | 01:44 | #501
    Hi! I´m in love with your Cynthia version 1 dress. Sadly, they are only for sims 4.. :( Is there a chance, that you will convert them to sims 3? Thanks for your answer.

    BEO answered:Hi! Sorry, most likely not.

super fan | 31.05.2016 | 07:58 | #500
    Can you please make the dresses from the anastasia cartoon movie? The blue one with train on the back and the coronation dress? u are amazing

    BEO answered:I do not take orders. I create only by inspiration. :)
    Thank you!

Madeleine | 28.05.2016 | 19:44 | #499
    Hello, I am a big fan of your work. What came on my mind, have you ever considered a ballet themed creations, like leotard, long tulle skirt, short tulle skirt, ballet shoes, pointe shoes...? I can imagine them to be awesome combined with your style :)

    BEO answered:Hello! Interesting idea :)
    Thank you!

Lola | 23.05.2016 | 17:33 | #498
    Your creations are among the most beautiful ones out there! I use them so often in my game. Thank you so much!

    BEO answered:Thank you! <3
    And you are welcome! :)

kadir_ak123 | 20.05.2016 | 13:15 | #497
    hi beo:) The sims 4 is beautiful with your wedding dress.I love your all creation.Pleaseeee can you make a few veil for sims 4? My sims need your wedding dress and veils :)kiss you In Turkey :)

    BEO answered:Hi! Thank you! :)
    If will be inspiration. I can't promise anything.

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